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BR, Worcestershire – September 2019

I approached Shuna after being asked to speak at two important events – the first a national training and development event for peers across my profession, and the second a family wedding. Despite being in a leadership role for over a decade, I had a debilitating fear of public speaking which I felt was holding me back professionally and personally. Throughout a six-week, one to one course encompassing a range of techniques, Shuna not only helped me address my public speaking anxieties, but also a range of other confidence and self-belief issues which came to the fore during our sessions. The difference I have seen since the sessions has been tangible. The initial two events went well, which in turn gave me confidence to accept an invitation to speak at a national innovation conference in my field. The techniques Shuna used have also helped to foster a self-belief around my value in the workplace and my leadership abilities, leaving me more confident to continue on my development journey should the opportunity arise.

DG, W Midlands – August 2019

When I had my first session with Shuna, it was very much about my relationship with my partner.

I was confused, and to be honest, my thoughts and feelings were holding me back from doing the things I needed and wanted to do.

I saw very quickly from being coached my Shuna that it was around different values, and that if I held my boundaries and was true to myself, that the issues were resolved effectively.

Within 3 sessions, I felt differently about the situation and now am in a position where I talk to my partner openly about the things which previously would have caused the problems.

I am confident, relaxed and calm in my approach, and in fact our relationship has improved considerably.

CC, Birmingham – December 2018

The sessions with Shuna were really helpful. Before starting our collaboration, I was in a mind frame which prevented me from taking opportunities, I didn’t believe I was good enough, I was pushing myself to achieve whatever I considered perfection.

Gradually after each session I saw small changes in my attitude, in how I perceive myself in relation to other people and how I react in certain situation – I let go of the need to be in control of the time, I feel a lot more positive and keen on trying new things, etc. We set some goals together and I am working on achieving those and more, so I am grateful for her help and appreciate the work we’ve done together.

DL, Worcestershire – August 2018

Following the sessions I can honestly say that I am overall a happier and more confident person.

I am calmer, more content and feel more in control of my emotions. I have been able to do certain things on my own whereas before I wouldn’t go out. This in itself is a massive achievement.

Since the sessions I have not had an episode of anxiety or depression. I don’t feel angry anymore and am more accepting of what life will throw at me!

TS, Worcestershire – March 2018

Over the last few years I have struggled with lack of confidence and anxiety which has recently become more intense and I could feel myself on a downward spiral, I knew it was time to address the issues with a professional, despite not quite knowing what the issues were. I turned to Shuna and I’m so glad I did.

After a number of sessions with Shuna I now feel like I have a much clearer understanding of where my issues started, and I’ve learned techniques to be able address these and work on them on a longer term basis. As a result my confidence has returned and I feel like anything is now possible if I just focus my energies in the right place. My constant negative thoughts have now gone.

Shuna is a lovely lady, and a great listener. She takes the time to really get to the root cause of the issues and then puts in place a number of interventions which really do work. I’ve really enjoyed working with her over the last few months.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Shuna to anyone who feels they need some guidance in life at the moment.

DK, Midlands – January 2018

Before coaching with Shuna I was at a very low point I had lost my confidence and wasn’t quite sure why I was struggling to cope with day to day tasks, when this started to affect my performance at work I knew I had to address the situation, since coaching I now feel confident and have a positive attitude I no longer feel stressed and my mind set is positive, now I apply what I have gained from my sessions with Shuna to situations that are challenging or would have caused me stress previously and am now able to move forward stronger physically and mentally. I am forever grateful.

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